Engineering Services

Whether you are a current client of Productive Resources, or are considering becoming one, you have the same thing in common. You are looking for an engineering services supplier that can provide the most value, at the most competitive price, to help you develop or deliver product to market more efficiently. Delivering value is not always black and white. It takes experienced personnel, knowledgeable and experienced managers, and competent support staff all working together efficiently. At Productive Resources, we have been providing engineering services value to some of the nation’s largest and most renowned companies for almost fifteen years. While focusing in the heavy equipment and consumer product industries, our employees work in every aspect of product development, from initial concept through production. Heavy steel to software, CAD design to drafting, Prototyping testing to tooling design, etc… If you have a need, chances are we can meet it.

What type of work can we support, you ask? Well, if you see your area of need represented below, you’ve come to the right place!

Mechanical Design Services

Electrical Design Services

Manufacturing Services

Quality Services

Testing/Design Analysis Services

Engineering Support Services

As we work with you on the project definition, you will rest assured that we have worked in the very industry we are serving, so we have a very good understanding of what skills produce an outstanding service. For proper execution, we can effectively accomplish your projects with our people at your facility, or we can execute the work at our in-house design center that is focused on LCD&D (low cost drafting and design) work, as your needs dictate.